Robert Hamlin-Wright

Hand Silk Screen Printed Fabric for Mini Moderns

Wallpaper Printworks is an established UK based print company with over 30 years experience of producing wallpaper and fabric using traditional printing methods.  Wallpaper is printed either on a flexograpahic printing machine or by hand silk screens on a long 34 metre print table.  The long table is used to print fabric where the minimum print run is 30 metres. Hand print wallpaper minimum 15 rolls, machine printed wallpaper 60 rolls.

Wallpaper Printworks not only produces wallpaper and fabric for commission customers but designs its own products. Belynda Sharples has created a unique collection of designs which are marketed and sold through The Art of Wallpaper

Click on bold highlighted titles below to view youtube videos of the printing process.
Hand Silk Screen Printing Fabric ‘Dungeness’ Design for Mini Moderns
Hand Silk Screen Printing Fabric for Mini Moderns
Flexographic printed wallpaper being reeled off into 10 metre rolls
Trimming Hand Silk Screen Printed Wallpaper for Paperboy Wallpaper
Hand Silk Screen Printing Bespoke Wallpaper